Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Foolish Heart Review

Recently I received a free review copy of “My Foolish Heart” by Susan May Warren from Tyndale House Publishers.

“Foolish Heart” is a talk show host who gives romance advice every night on the radio. What no one knows is that Foolish Heart is actually Issy who lives in a small town, suffers from phobias and cannot even leave her house, much less go on any real dates.

Caleb Knight is the disabled war vet who desperately wants to coach football in a small town and live a normal quiet life.

Seb is coming home to regain the glory of what he once had as a high school football star and who hopes to right the wrongs he did to his high school sweetheart.

Lucy is the donut girl who just wants to have her heart whole.

Four individuals who are all searching for one thing – true love and contentment.

Before I had finished the first two chapters, I already guessed how it would end. There are 4 main characters and I guessed “correctly” the outcome.

Even though I could guess what the ending was going to be I really enjoyed reading every page of this book. The author did a good job of developing the characters and helping you really understand what made them who they are.

I really enjoyed reading the book. Though it was a bit predictable, there was such a back story to each of the characters that it made for a “read right through to the end! kind of book.”

You can order My Foolish Heart from Amazon


This looks like a good read, but unsure if it's a good sign that you were able to tell the ending after the first few chapters! LOL That's no fun!

I really need to reapply with Tyndale House because they rejected me since I used this blog when I applied.

I've read through a bunch of your reviews. You're really good at writing them!! How do you like reviewing for Tyndale? I recently started reviewing for Waterbrook Multnomah and Thomas Nelson, not sure if it's worth signing up for another one unless the books are good quality??

xoxo, Sarah Kate

Sarah, I just sent you an email message back. Plus I followed you on your blog too! Thanks! Sharon

Stephanie, I was shocked that the book was really a great read since I could tell the ending. Shows that Warren is a good author to be able to develop the characters. I really enjoyed the story!

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