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Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to Get your Book Reviewed - Giveaway

One of the fun things about reading and reviewing so many books is that I have been able to meet many new authors. Last week, I ran across this book "How To Get Your Book Reviewed" by Dana Lynn Smith. She has allowed me to read a copy and offer one as a giveaway as well.

This book is a great resource for authors that helps explain how to connect with reviewers and use reviews to boost your newest book. It can be a challenge to get your book noticed amid the hundreds of thousands of new titles published every year. With so much competition, reviews are one of the very best ways to boost book sales.

Why are reviews, endorsements and testimonials so critical to book selling success?

  1. Book reviews get your book noticed, bringing it to the attention of people who might never have seen it otherwise. Each new review multiplies your exposure.
  2. Reviews, endorsements and testimonials offer "social proof" — they show potential customers that others think your book is a worthwhile investment of time and money.
  3. Book review journals have a tremendous influence. In fact, librarians and bookstore buyers base many of their ordering decisions on reviews in the major book journals.

***Available in your choice of PDF, Kindle, epub, or paperback format

About the Author: Dana Lynn Smith, author of the Savvy Book Marketer Guides, has a degree in marketing and 16 years of publishing experience. You can read her blog here and find more information about the book.

Eve by Iris Johansen

By Melissa

   Before there was my obsession to the paranormal/fantasy books, thanks to Twilight, but after my Nancy Drew/Sweet Valley phase (15 years ago), there was my murder mystery/suspense phase. During this time I read many, many books but had 3 favorite authors. Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs and Iris Johansen. Now some of Iris' books can carry a slight paranormal undertone too, which is fine with me, but my favorite series of hers is the Eve Duncan series.

   Anyone who has read this series knows that the main character, Eve, has one driving force throughout all of the books. Finding information on her daughter, Bonnie, who was abducted at 6 years old. Finally, after almost a decade, Iris is coming out with a trilogy to answer the questions we, her devoted readers, have had in regards to Bonnie. I couldn't be more happy! I picked up the first in this trilogy, simply titled EVE, yesterday at 11 a.m. By 9 p.m. the book was finished. :)) I simply couldn't walk away. I have followed it for so long I had to know. Of course at the time I didn't realize it was a trilogy, I thought I'd have my answers. Thankfully though, book two, titled QUINN is already out. I will be downloading the Ebook the second my newly ordered Kindle arrives.

   If you've never read any of the Eve Duncan series I don't suggest starting with this trilogy. I suggest going back to the beginning, starting with The Face of Deception from October 1998. Like any good author of a series will do, Iris Johansen introduces characters and then spins them off into their own books. How, as an avid reader, can you not love that?! To date Iris has 22 murder mystery/suspense novels, and that doesn't even include her romance books or separate stories.

   In closing, if you're looking for an addicting new series start with Iris Johansen and follow her characters through each new harrowing, and even heart breaking, experience they run into. You won't be sorry.

"Don't worry, be happy."

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Edge of Grace

About Christa Allan

Christa AllenA true Southern woman who knows that any cook worth her gumbo always starts with a roux and who never wears white after Labor Day, The Edge of Grace is Christa’s second novel. Her debut women’s fiction, Walking on Broken Glass, released in February from Abingdon Press. She is under contract for three more novels that will release in 2012 and 2013. She has been teaching high school English for over twenty years, earning her National Board Certification in 2007. The mother of five adult children and the totally smitten Grammy of two granddaughters, Christa and her veterinarian husband, Ken, live in Abita Springs, Louisiana.
Visit her website at
You can connect with Christa at Facebook at

About The Edge of Grace

The Edge of GraceWhen Caryn Becker answers the telephone on most Saturday morning, it’s generally not a prelude to disaster. Except this time, her brother David’s call shifts her universe. Her emotional reserves are already depleted being a single parent to six-year-old Ben after the unexpected death of her husband Harrison. But when David is the target of a brutal hate crime, Caryn has to decide what she’s willing to risk, including revealing her own secrets, to help her brother.  A family ultimately explores the struggle of acceptance, the grace of forgiveness, and moving from prejudice to love others as they are, not as we’d like them to be.
My Thoughts:
The Edge of Grace by Christa Allan is a wonderful story about how a woman comes to terms with her only brother's announcement that he is gay. Her thoughts of "how will this affect my son?", "how will this affect my business?", "what will people think?", "what do I tell my son?".  This story is a bit different than some I have read on homosexuality in that it was told by a family member and not the gay person. At times I felt like throttling Caryn and telling her to just deal with it and move on. Well that is easier said than done. It is a difficult situation to deal with as a family member as well as for the person that is coming out of the closet if you will. As a mother in this same situation it was hard for me at first to come to accept the announcement from my own child. As opposed to how Caryn found out, with a phone call, as a mother I always had a feeling, so it was easier for me to accept the situation. Caryn is a caterer and needs all the business she can get and was very worried how her clients would feel about the fact that she had a gay brother. After a scary situation that puts David in the hospital,  Caryn gets to meet David's partner for the first time and finds herself slowing changing and coming to terms with the situation. I really enjoyed this novel and I could often sympathize with the all the characters. A novel of overcoming hate and prejudice and the gracefulness of forgiveness and love.  I give it 5 stars!!!
I received a copy of this book for review only and was not monetarily compensated for my review.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wild & Wicked Review

Wild & Wicked
By Jenn Nixon

About the book:

Veronica Chance’s sister has gone missing. In order to find Valerie, “Roni” takes a waitressing job at Foxxes Gentlemen’s Club, the last place her sister worked, to search for clues. First day on the job, the club owner makes her give a lap dance to his VIP guest, Mr. Storm. Veronica’s instant attraction to him spells trouble and threatens to blow her cover.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Space Between Review and Giveaway (International)

About the Book:

Sixteen-year old Anna Sullivan is having terrible dreams of a massacre at her school. Anna’s father is a mentally unstable veteran, her mother vanished when Anna was five, and Anna might just chalk the dreams up to a reflection of her crazy waking life — except that Tyler Marsh, the most popular guy at the school and Anna’s secret crush, is having the exact same dream.

Despite the gulf between them in social status, Anna and Tyler connect, first in the dream and then in reality. As the dreams reveal more, with clues from the school social structure, quantum physics, probability, and Anna's own past, Anna becomes convinced that they are being shown the future so they can prevent the shooting…

If they can survive the shooter — and the dream.

Based on the short story "The Edge of Seventeen," winner of the ITW Thriller award.

My Thoughts: 

I must say that I really enjoyed this book. I thought the voice it was written in was so different. I like that it was written as Anna's thoughts for the most part. There wasn't a lot of dialog between characters and I was okay with that. Anna's thoughts were realistic and believable. I think that way sometimes so I could relate to her. I did however have a hard time relating to Tyler. There was just too much mystery surrounding him and I didn't get to know him as must as I was hoping to. Overall the relationship between Anna and Tyler worked for me. 

The subject of the book is a dark one. Dealing with the possibility of a school massacre is a tough subject that may hit close to home for some. There was a lot of violence in this book though it is portrayed through a dream state. I liked that math and science were brought into the mix in order to add more mystery and to make a puzzle out of everything. It kept me guessing as to what would happen next. 

The biggest downfall for me with this book was the ending. It ended suddenly and left me wondering what just happened. I needed more of an ending and some closure. I guess I will have to imagine my own ending. 
If you would like to learn more about the Author check her out at the links below:


The Author has also generously donated one Ebook in the format of your choice to 1 winner. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. 

I was in no way compensated for this review and the opinions are my own.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello Everyone!

I just joined the blog as a reviewer, and I am pretty excited. I'm new to this, so you'll have to bare with me. I figured I would pop by and tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Kayla. I'm twenty-one, and just recently got engaged. I live in America, and am looking forward to reviewing books and getitng to know everyone. My favorite genres are paranormal romance and dystopian. Thank you for giving me a chance to review some great books and get some experience.

Book Editing and Review in One

In recently speaking to a writer/author we were discussing some grammatical errors in the book. She notified me the book had been sent out for editing. I was blown away by what the company had charged her. Do you feel you're paying a high amount for editing?! I can help. You can get a book edit and review in one for a fraction of the cost.

My name is Melissa. I have done book editing before, I am the grammar police, and I can help you :) I have taken quite a few college courses in English and I have a healthy dose of OCD on my side. I will be able to edit your book and do a review for you.

If you feel this might work for you, or to your benefit (as a starving writer) feel free to contact me at

Thank you for your time and have a great day! -Melissa

Hi Bees Knees!

Hello Bees Knees
Thank you so much for inviting me into your group.  I'm looking forward very much to participating and reviewing books.
I'm British (but half-Italian!), living in Bristol in England. I have a husband, twin daughters, a grandson and two dogs.  I love cycling, skiing and of course reading.
I haven't read a DTB since I bought my Kindle and don't go ANYWHERE (!!) without it!
Lovely to meet you all.

The Devil's Bait Review

The Devil’s Bait
By Jeffrey J. Mariotte

About the book:

Jessie Dawn Cutler is a relationship banker, a single woman in Manhattan, climbing the rungs of the high-finance ladder on her way to the top.

Morgan Byrd is an aging mercenary soldier, suffering a crisis of conscience as profound as his bank account is low.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yesterday's Lies Book Review

Every once in awhile you find a book that just grabs you and won't let go. Those are the books that force you to "waste" your day away reading a book and doing almost nothing else. That, my friends, was this book. Cover to cover, I read it in 7 hours straight, and immediately wished I could contact the author to write more.

The book starts out with the story, from their view point, of the guys, Darien and Vince, and the girls, Jada and Toni. The author uses the first few chapters to get you caught up in their stories. Each character has their own section in the chapter, so you can "hear" their thoughts while experiencing their actions. By the time the author introduces more characters, in the form of Benjamin, David Sr. and Jr., and Gina, you are already so wrapped up in the story you can't put the book down. Terri D. almost has the reader begging for more. She, the author, creates these amazing characters, that you feel you know, while creating a suspenseful story that keeps you page turning.

Yesterday's Lies is the story of a circle of friends who's lives are more intertwined then they realized. As each character, each lie, each new level is created, you are drawn deeper into the story and shocked by all the lies that have been hidden. After reading this story I actually contemplated, for a long time, how well I knew my friends and what lies might be below the surface.

I highly recommend this book. It's a quick read but at the end it leaves you wanting more character story. I, as a reader, am hoping that at some point the author will expand on the story of Vince and Gina, and hopefully update us on Jada. The book is available on Amazon.

With best regards, Melissa.
"Don't worry, be happy!"

Stanley Seagull
Book Summary
Meet a young seagull named Stanley. Follow him as he wanders far from home and tries to find his way back. Join Stanley on his journey as he learns how humans affect the balance of nature.

Cathy Mazur
Born in Scranton, Pa., Cathy Mazur received a bachelor’s degree in Library Science from Mansfield State College and a Reading Specialist Certificate from the University of Scranton. Cathy was employed as an elementary school librarian for the Mid Valley School District from 1975 until 2010 and served on the Board of Directors for the Valley Community Library in Peckville, Pa. She resides in Dickson City, Pa. with Frank, her husband. They are the parents of two children, Gary, 27 and Gia, 19.

Colleen Gedrich
Colleen, of Throop, PA, earned a BFA in illustration from Marywood University in 2002. She is a freelance illustrator specializing in animal-themed work using mostly watercolor and pastel. She is a full-time program coordinator for International Society for Animal Rights. Recent works include t-shirt and invitation designs, children’s book illustrations, and book covers. She also teams with her very talented artist mother, Kathy Holmes Gedrich, to paints murals for children’s nurseries.

My Thoughts:
This children's book, Stanley Seagull, is a very colorful and wonderful read. I loved the colorful pictures and the lesson learned. We need to pay attention to what is around us and not get "carried" away with things beyond our reach. Never stray too far from home because that is where true happiness and if we persevere things will work out. I would recommend this book for any child. Loved it!!

I received this ebook copy from Tribute Books and was not monetarily compensated for my review.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of the Book Lovin' Bitches Ebook Tours and a copy was provided to me by the author: although payment may have been received by Book Lovin' Bitches Ebook Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review nor was there an obligation to write a positive one. All opinions expressed here are entirely mine and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, the book's publisher and publicist or the readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Diviners by Julian White Review

About The Book:

“The woman swam closer. She twinkled as the light passed through her. Her fingernails had smoky tips. Her body was young but her eyes and mouth were pockets of crow's feet ...”

Four people in a small town find themselves persecuted in different ways by the same terrifying supernatural force.

Karen was happily married – until her husband became a religious maniac and set himself on fire. Since then, she has worked on her own to raise their daughter and establish an elegant seaside bistro – all by the age of 27. Now her husband's back, madder than ever, and she sees her polite, chattering customers transformed into a raving monster bent on destroying everything she loves.

Sandra holds down a tough job as a district nurse, looking after the sick and elderly in her neighbourhood. She has money worries, guilt over the death of her abusive mother and disturbing memories about a mysterious event in her past. Her life slides into chaos when one of her patients turns up dead in the boot of her car and she can't get rid of the rapidly decaying body.

Felix is a dull provincial solicitor – so dull, in fact, that his wife goes elsewhere in search of sexual fulfilment. When a perverse young couple hold her captive in a luxurious house, he comes to the rescue, only to find that something utterly evil and as ancient as civilisation itself lurks beneath the sparkling surface of their swimming pool.

Mick is still licking his wounds six months after being dumped by his girlfriend. In hopes of forgetting her, he goes to bed with an enigmatic lady whose hair smells of blackcurrants. As a result, he undergoes a transformation into a creature out of an insane nursery story.

And that's only the beginning. When these four stories converge, the stage is set for an earth-shattering climax.

Welcome to the world of the Diviners' Guild.

Who are they? The answer takes in cannibalism, deadly maggots, reincarnated cats, body horror, psychological chills, blood magic, black farce, breakneck action, a thousand-year-old secret, a silver coin and a supernatural threat to Creation itself.

The Diviners is the no-holds-barred fictional d├ębut by writer and critic Julian White, full of surreal scares, adult imagery and laughter in the dark. Read it if you dare.

Kindle Edition
Published August 1st 2011
My Thoughts:
First of all I apologize if this review isn't very long. This was a hard review for me to write. I had a hard time reading this book and I think it was simply because of the writing style or the fact that it is based in the UK and a lot of the slang I didn't understand. I will say that the story line was good and I found several of the characters very interesting. I just wish the story was easier to follow so I could truly enjoy the plot better. This is a horror novel and it was very dark. There were several scenes that had my skin crawling. If you are offended by foul language, sex, and violence than this is not the book for you. Otherwise it may be worth checking out.
I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.
About The Author:
I write on film, horror and other stuff for various magazines and sites, including Little White Lies, Starburst Magazine, and Lost in the Multiplex. I also blog on cult movies at In The Diviners, I try to combine my love of moody, Lovecraftian horror with the pace, ease and occasional jokiness I associate with another of my favourites, Richard Laymon. If I manage to make your skin crawl, your eyes pop and your sides ache - sometimes simultaneously - then my work is done.  
If you would like to follow Julian you can the following ways:
You can purchase a copy of  The Diviners through Amazon  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Upside Review & Giveaway

I recently received a review copy of Upside: Surprising Good News About the State of Our World by Bradley Wright. Sometimes I hate to watch the news. It seems like the only things that are reported are the bad things. The more horrible a story, the more coverage it seems to get. Is the world really worse now than it was 20 years ago? Are we really living in the darkest days ever? If we believe all the reports then we are in a horrible state.

This book Upside gives a different perspective. Author Wright suggests that maybe there are aspects of our world that are actually improving. He talks about how many people actually believe their personal life is improving even though the national status may be perceived as worse.

I know that all data and surveys can be skewed to reflect the personal bias of whoever is doing the study. However, I choose to lean more toward the 'glass is half full' rather than 'half empty' concept anyway. So I really appreciate a book like this that helps us realize that life is good and maybe things aren't really as bad as the media wants us to believe.

You can order Upside: Surprising Good News About the State of Our World from Amazon or request it from your local library.

Giveaway will end September 25.  Giveaway is open to US residents only.

***I received this book for free because I am a reviewer for Bethany House Publishers.

Friday, September 9, 2011

One Call Away Review

A successful Marine, Nurse, mother to 7 children, wife of a Super Bowl MVP, author and philanthropist.....

Raising a special needs child, a cheating first husband, 2 parents lost in a tornado, 2 miscarriages...

Which life would you choose? The first? the 2nd? - or both? Life for Brenda Carney Warner has been full of ups and downs and everything in between. Each time Brenda got a phone call with news that would rock her world, she faced the same choice that you and I face as well. She could give in to the grief, tragedy, loss or unwelcome news or be strong and face what was ahead with courage and faith.

I recently received a review copy of One Call Away: Answering Life's Challenges with Unshakable Faithby Brenda Warner from Book Sneeze and Tommy Nelson.

I found myself reading every page of Brenda's memoirs - marveling as I always do when I see how someone has made the choice to overcome and not just survive but thrive through life's unwanted challenges.

We all know that life is not fair or always easy, but it's the way we respond to the challenges that define us as a person.

You can order One Call Away: Answering Life's Challenges with Unshakable Faith from Amazon or request it at your local library.

Hidden Threat Review

Hidden Threat
By Sherri Hayes

About the book:

Cali Stanton has one goal in life, being a doctor. She does not intend to run the family business. But when her father gets injured and tells her that she’s the only one he trusts, Cali finds herself behind his desk at Stanton Enterprises.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dark Corners Review and Giveaway

Dark Corners
By Liz Schulte

About the book:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What The Publishing Revolution Means To Readers

by Kristen James

At a very young age, I decided I would be an author and began not only writing but following the publishing industry. I subscribed to Writer’s Digest before high school and started my collection of writing and publishing “How To” books. Like most things, the publishing industry has drastically changed since I began following it in 1990, especially in the last few years. I’ve written quite a bit about what this means for authors in my book, Book Promoting 101, and the blog by the same name, but today I’m focusing on what all these changes mean to readers.


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