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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice- By Beatrice Sparks Review by Samantha Stroy.
 First, I want to say before I get to the review is I didn't have to read
this. In fact I read it for all the wrong reasons. My husband 's high
school English class was reading it and he has never been the best at
studying and reading books. ( he's a great reader, just hates to read.)
So, he brought home his homework and was struggling with it. So, I
decided to get my own copy and read it and help him with his
homework. Anyway, I fell in love with the book and what was
suppose to read 30 pages of it just to help him, well I read the whole
thing. I have read it a total of 7 times and love every minute of it.
The story is about a 15 year old girl in the 1970's and receive's a
diary to write her feelings and emotions in. It started out innocent
but somewhere along the line she was slipped a LSD drug at a party
and somehow she liked it and wanted more. She would do anything
she could think of to get high again. She met and started hanging out
with some bad kids at school. Then, she was kicked out of school for
selling drugs and being on drugs, then kicked out of her house.
She ended up running away from her town to San Francisco,
California to start a new life. She ends up hitting an all time low
and started sleeping with guys, and other random things just to get
money for her next dope baggy. All at the same time she is writing
her journal entries on paper bags, napkins, random scrap paper, and
anything else she can think of to write on. she ends up back home
and put in rehab to get rid of her withdrawls and to start clean and
not be on dope anymore.
Everytime I read this book I like it all over again like the first time.
It's one of those books you can read over and over and not feel guilty
reading it. I have always liked the whole diary format books. It's a
great way of writing and the reading is more fun.
There are way more books in the same format that Beatrice Sparks
writes. Her way of writing reminds me of Ellen Hopkins books.
This is on the banned books list of reading material which I
understand if you are 14 and under. But, for high school reading
material, you are old enough to read a book like this and learn a
positive message from it.
It's a book that even though its about a negative subject, you can
learn from it. Like, learning from other people's mistakes.
"This groundbreaking classic is more compelling than ever for today's
readers. A sensation when it was first published and a perennial
bestseller ever since, this real-life diary charts an anonymous
teenage girl's struggle with the seductive--and often fatal--world of
" Taken from Goodreads.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Toys In The Attic by David Cleinman

By: David Cleinman

Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

This is a great book to say the least. Sara's character is beyond strong. After losing her mother, she endures both mental and physical abuse from her father, but when she hits her breaking point, she kills him. But her pain isn't over yet. She learns she is pregnant with her father's child. Will Sara be strong enough to overcome the pain she has encountered and be able to love her child, or will she give up on life itself?

This is a very captivating story. It grabs you and makes you wish you could save Sara. The abuse she goes through is painful and heart-wrenching.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The Hollow Tours Is Now Scheduling a 1 Month Tour for Creature Kid by Rashad Freeman

This tour will run Feb 1-29th.  I am scheduling Reviews, Interviews, and Guest Posts.  

The Book will be provided in the tours folder of our group! 

If you would like to become a tour host/reviewer please click JOIN above. 

Creature Kid

By: Rashad Freeman

About The Book:
Why do the movies always portray mutants as having some kind of glorious plight? If a kid got bit by a radioactive spider he’d probably puke webs right before he died. Men that can walk through bullets and fly don’t dress in tights and pretend to be newspaper reporters. And there are no special flashlights to shine in the air to signal you when there’s trouble. You want to be a superhero and fight crime? Prospects are unlikely at best. Chances are you’d just get sued by the criminals you arrested and put in prison for delivering your own vigilante justice.
The truth of the matter is living as a mutant is risky business. Uncontrollable outbreaks, delusions of grandeur and don’t forget the horde of scientists eager to pick you apart to figure out what makes you tick. Did you really expect a special school to crop up just to take care of all the misfortunate adolescents? Or you could create your own little team by adding Fantastic, Super, or Glorious to the front of a number. No, you wouldn’t be so lucky. And neither was Anthony Dimair, as a matter of fact he was the exact opposite. Now he must survive long enough to find the meaning of his Uncle’s cryptic message while avoiding capture, fighting the elements, and trying to not end up as dinner. 

Rashad Freeman


Rashad Freeman is a Florida native and avid water sports enthusiast. When he's not chasing his 3 boys around or working hard for his real job he writes young adult action adventure and paranormal novels and adult mystery/thrillers. His first title "Creature Kid Volume I" debuted January 1, 2012 and is the first in a long string of action packed stories floating recklessly around in his head.

Vist the Author at:


To participate please click here

Wind-Scarred by Sky Luke Corbelli

By: Sky Luke Corbelli
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

This is an excellent read. Mr.Corbelli set the scene with a very creative setting with sci-fi, adventure, romance, and a bit of humor, with intriguing characters. It has twists and turns, that will keep you turning pages. This book is great for anyone who enjoys sci-fi and fantasy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dont Let Our Sites Go Away!

Q&A with author K.J. Dahlen

K.J. Dahlen is the author of 14 mystery/thriller novels, including The Prophet.  

After a three year search for a serial killer known as the Prophet, FBI agents Michael Roane and Rheta Morgan; both who have personal reasons for wanting to stop the Prophet, finally get a break and the Prophet is within their reach. Confrontation with The Prophet leads them to discover a secret network called “The New Brotherhood.” The more they find out about The New Brotherhood the more determined they are to stop it once and for all. When the Prophet takes Rheta and Michael’s sister hostage the race is on to free the hostages and bring the Prophet and The Brotherhood down.

K.J. Dahlen lives in a small town (population 495) in Wisconsin. From her deck she can see the Mississippi River on one side and the bluffs, where eagles live and nest on the other side. She lives with her husband Dave and dog Sammy. Her two children are grown and two grandchildren and for that fact she feels blessed. She loves to watch people and that has helped her with her writing. She loves to create characters and put them in a troubling situation and just sit back and let them do all the work. They surprise even her at times. They take on a life of their own and the twists and turns become a story. She found she liked mystery/thrillers the best. She likes to keep her readers guessing until the very end of the book.
Web site:
She is on Facebook and Twitter as kjdahlen

How did you end up writing fiction? Is it what you planned to do, or did it happen more by accident?
I’ve wanted to be a writer from a very young age. I love reading and I wanted people to read my stories. If I can take my reader on an adventure with my work or even get them to turn the next page then I’ve done my job.

How do you classify your books? Is there something all of them have in common?
The one thing my books have in common is the evil vs the good thing. Evil may exist in the world but the good always wins. My characters may struggle to find the evil and vanquish it but they always find a way to right the wrong. 

Your books seem pretty "edgy." Why do you like to write about dangerous situations?
Because at some point the characters take over and I like to see what they are going to do.  I usually write from an outline at least I start out that way but often I veer off at some point. I usually know how I want my book to end but how I get to the end is anybody’s guess.

Who is your favorite of your characters, and why?
I like them all. Each has his/her job and they do it very well. I created them to be their own person, at least in my mind they are real and I try to give them each a little piece of myself or people that I know well.

Is there a certain thing about your books that makes them stand out, something that makes them better than other, similar books?
I try to put some unique twists and turns in all my books that my readers might not be expecting.  My beta readers get mad at me because they can’t put the book down until they are done.

Do you plot your books carefully, or do you wing it? Something in between?
I start out with a detailed outline but usually end up with something entirely different. It goes that way sometimes. 

What do you do to get in the mood to write?
I’m lucky enough not to have to work outside my home, my kids are grown up and don’t live with us anymore so I have all day to write. Sometimes getting into a story is no problem and sometimes I avoid writing all together.  A large cup of coffee and a cigarette is usually all I need. But I am trying to quit smoking so coffee will just have to do.

If you had to pick a movie or TV show that's most like your book(s), what would it be?
A show like NCIS. Each of the 30 minute shows are different, yet the good guys always get their man!

What's the best thing someone has ever said about your writing?
When my old boss Lola came into her office and yelled at me because she didn’t get to sleep until 1 am. She’d been reading one of my first books and she couldn’t put it down. Or when my friend Tessi said she stayed up most of the night reading just one more page…

What's your favorite book (of yours) that's out right now?
Bones was my first print book so that holds sentimental value and while I like them all I think I like The Prophet the best. It’s only one third the whole story but I put it in the town I grew up in and the places and people in the story are places and people I grew up with.

What are you working on now?
I’ve outlined so many new books I really have my choice but I think I’ll restart the second book in this series called The Covenant.  It takes up when The Prophet leaves off and takes the story to a whole new level.

Who is your favorite writer?
There are so many I wouldn’t know who to choose. James Patterson, John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark and so many others. They all have a story to tell and they do it very well. There are a few new writers I like too, Bruce Satre, McKensie S Heart and others. I enjoy any good writer that has a story to tell.
If you couldn't write, is there some other kind of art you would do?
I think I would be lost if I couldn’t write. I could at one point draw but that was before I picked up a pen.

Did you do well in school? Do you think any of your teachers are surprised that you're a writer?
I hated math but loved English but I don’t know if any of my teachers , or class mates even know I write

Go here to check out the rest of K.J.Dahlen's books.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Changes at Bee's Knees

You may have noticed, the look of Bee's Knees keeps changing. And changing. And changing...

Stephanie (Beautybrite) Lee, one of Bee's Knees' founders and its previous owner, has decided to focus on her other projects: Ever After PR and her Beautybrite blog. I'm Ella James, author of YA fantasy/sci-fi romance books (including Stained, the first book in the Stained Series, and Before You Go), and I'm the new owner of Bee's Knees. Two of my friends, Lindsay & Jarrett Diffee, are coming in as co-owners, and the three of us will be managing the site together. :)

Honestly, we don't plan to make too many changes. We think Bee's Knees is great as it is. We will, however, be tweaking things sometimes in an effort to improve and better serve our readers. If you have any ideas, e-mail us at, or check us out on Facebook. Our tabs and buttons will work again soon, but until then, you can get to Bee's Knees' FB page here and (if you want to become a reviewer or pitch a book to us) just request to join Book Reviewers for Bee's Knees.

We are so excited to be taking over the blog, and we want to thank Stephanie and Jessica of Crossroads Reviews/Crossroads Templates for helping with our makeover!

The site should be back to normal in the next day or two.

(P.S. If you're currently a regular reviewer, shoot me an e-mail at I'm trying to get a list of you, and also need to send you all an e-mail). 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lucifer and Lacious by Sean Vincent Lehosit

By: Sean Vincent Lehosit
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

Slave finds himself in hell, but doesn't remember who he is. Lucifer carves numbers in his head, which makes him somewhat special. Slave wants to find out who he is and what his purpose is, but in order to do so he has to go deeper into hell.

This is a graphic book. It was a decent read, but could have been a lot better. It seems as if the author speed- wrote and didn't take the time to make it great. I received this book from Dorrance Publishing as part of the review team.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Code Blood by Kurt Kamm

By: Kurt Kamm
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

Colt Lewis is a fire paramedic who goes on a mission to find the severed foot of a woman that died in his arms, but he finds more than a foot. He discovers body-part dealers, a research student with the rarest blood in the world, and Markus, the albino that is after her. It all leads to death....but whose?

Very well written and satisfying novel. Kurt Kamm reaches in and takes his experience and research and turns it into a masterpiece of horror and unthinkable actions.

Visit his web site at

Dreams Both Real and Strange by K.W. McCabe

By: K.W. McCabe
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

These short stories are dark and magical. I enjoyed it even more than part one. I really liked Choice and Wraith.

Choice is dark yet it has light to it. Thomas is Lord Death's servant, because of the choice he made, but when his daughter is faced with the same fate, it's up to Thomas to find a way to defeat Death himself.

Wraith picks up where it left off in part one; he has Anne locked in a cell and is trying his best not to feed on her, so the curse can be broken. But Anne is weak. Both her and Wraith are hoping for her mother to save her, but it may be to late for Anne.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Safety Expert by Doug Richardson

Ben Keller lives life by one simple rule. Safety first. Ben is keenly aware of life’s hidden dangers. Ben never smokes. Ben always uses the crosswalk. Ben always drives within the speed limit. He has to because safety is his business. From his home in Simi Valley, California, one of the safest cities in the United States, Ben works hard at living a perfectly normal, perfectly uneventful, perfectly safe life.
And life is good until the past reaches into the present. In the dark of the night, a man crosses a lonely intersection and is struck by a car, setting events in motion that will unravel the finely stitched strands of Ben’s cocoon, from a recently retired porn actress who is desperate to be a mother to the butch cop determined to shield her young son from the whisperings of the queen bee moms at his private school to the addict who is clawing to hold onto the sobriety which cages the violence within him.

A long dismissed demon has resurfaced, presenting Ben with a most unsafe dilemma: preserve the haven he has carefully built for himself or confront the evildoer who decimated his carefree young life all those years ago.
Ben is in danger. Ben’s world is unsafe. Ben’s life will be changed forever. Again.
There was a very sad storyline to this book, A man, Ben, thought he had finally moved on with his life after his wife and young twin girls were brutally murdered all for the contents of the safe.
Ben met Alex his present wife at the grieving counselling sessions he attended. They later married and he took on her 3 daughters.
All was going well, Ben had his own business and was dubbed “The Safety Expert” and he calculated risk for everything and tried to get the safest option for things.
When he received a tape recording from an dying old man from prison which told him the name of the man that murdered his wife and twins Bens world turned upside down.
The Safety Expert was hard to get into at first I must admit, however once the story line had began to get established and I got to ‘know’ the characters and what parts they played in the story I had to keep reading to see how the whole thing unfolded, Would Ben find the murderer? And if he did what would he do? All questions that leapt in my head and thankfully all answered too.
There were a few surprises along the way too which kept it interesting all the way to the end.
I have read books in the past that have left me a little disappointed with the way it ended, This is not one of those books I’m happy to say.
I would rate this 4 stars out of 5
Check out Doug Richardson’s Website
You can purchase The Safety Expert available  from Amazon and  Barnes & Noble

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Loose Girl-A Memoir of Promiscuity by Kerry Cohen Book Review

Kerry Cohen learns at a young age how to use her body to her advantage. She quickly finds that she can feel needed simply by having sex. However sex and an endless string of men cannot seem to curb her appetite for attention and approval.
It doesn’t help matters that she has no parental control whatsoever. Her mother abandons her and her sister to pursue her dreams of becoming a doctor. As Kerry and her sister are sent to live with their pot-smoking immature father things only spiral out of control. While Kerry’s sister becomes depressed and locks herself away in her room, Kerry is left to fend for herself. Her father is hardly ever home, and when he is he acts like one of her peers. Her father provides drugs for her friends, and seems to even approve of her promiscuous lifestyle. This leads to Kerry going with her friends to bars and parties where they meet up with men and pursue sex. Kerry’s adolescence is filled with drug experimentation, pregnancy scares, sexual interludes, parties, and a string of minor STD’s. Kerry’s sexual partners become too numerous to count, and she doesn’t recall most of their names. Still sex is her main drug, and she becomes codependent on the short fulfillment it provides her. As she progresses from high school to college things begin to spiral more out of control, and she tries desperately to take control of herself. As she shifts the blame of her actions between herself and her parents she struggles to find herself.

~My Thoughts~I really felt bad for Kerry in this novel. Even though our choices are our own, she was never given much attention even from a young age. Her mother was flighty and self involved, and her father didn’t provide much structure to teach her how a young girl should behave. Her father could care less about her sexual acts, never questioned her choices, and even seemed to approve of her experimentation. I was appalled at how often and easily Kerry gave up her body or participated in sexual acts even when she didn’t want to. She never said no, and wasn’t afraid to take a friend’s boyfriend if she had the chance. She wanted to feel loved and needed so badly she would do almost anything to get it. This book is a great deterrent for a almost any teen girl to read. The fact of the matter is, whether we believe it or not, there are girls like Kerry Cohen all over the place. Girls without structure, lack of parental guidance, and who harbor misguided beliefs. Girls who crave fulfillment reach for sex or men to replace what they lack. It's refreshing that someone would write this memoir and let the truth out about the emotional turbulence involved when you crave the things as Kerry Cohen did. Hopefully this proves to be eye opening for many girls who find themselves in the same situations. The events in this memoir are very rich in detail and it will leave you wanting to see how Kerry progresses in her journey of finding herself and somehow ending her destructive sexual addiction.

  • Paperback: 240 pages

  • Publisher: Hyperion; Reprint edition (June 2, 2009)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1401309925

  • Find out more about this book or make a purchase HERE

    Disclaimer: I did not receive a free copy of this book nor did I receive any compensation for this review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

    Turner set for release of second book in ‘Whisper’ series

    Turner set for release of second book in ‘Whisper’ series: It’s hard to pigeonhole author Pete Turner’s work in the novel Whisper a Scream . Is it horror, thriller or religious? Is it a detective yarn, an Appalachian literary endeavor or an a...

    Monday, January 2, 2012


    Author: Zach Fortier
    2 of 5 stars
    Curbchek Chronicles the experiences of a police officer, describing different patrol calls he answered, and trying to balance some kind of a "normal" home life.
       The premise behind the book seemed very interesting, and I was really looking forward to reading it.  I was quite disappointed and totally bored with the whole thing.  Each story was only a few paragraphs long, leading from one story to another without any sense of organization.  Even going from chapter to chapter seemed pretty random.  I suppose that another police officer could relate to what he went through on a day to day basis, but I believe that is as far as it would go.  Had the author went into more detail, and grouped the stories together in a way that related to each other, it could have had the potential to be the mind gripping novel that I was hoping to find.

    Forced Intelligence by JH Glaze

    Forced Intelligence

    What if we could boost the intelligence of humans through a process of brain stimulation using frequencies close to those of the average mobile phone? 

    Doctors Connor and Shafer have been working for years to perfect the treatment, but on the day of the experiment, a careless lab technician makes a mistake that jeopardizes the lives of everyone in the facility.

    With the military closing in, the clock is ticking, and when their time runs out... 

    A fast paced short story from JH Glaze.

    I really enjoyed this book!  JH touches on a subject that has always interested me and to this day I wonder if what he writes is something that might actually happen. This is a great book and I recommend it to anyone that likes a scary, realistic, sci-fi type read :)

    You can purchase this book here:

    You can find out more about the author here:

    A Christmas Miracle by Willow Cross

    Cover for 'A Christmas Miracle'

    Short inspirational story about a single mother and one very special Christmas. 

    This is a great short story about a recently divorced mother of 4 and her struggles to keep her dream alive. Her perseverance is heartwarming and inspirational to anyone who has been in a similar situation. This is definitely a great read for the holidays. I recommend this book to anyone that needs a little hope and inspiration :) 

    You can get this book for FREE!!! here:

    You can find out more about the author here:

    Dreams Both Real and Strange By K.W. McCabe

    Cover for 'Dreams Both Real and Strange'

    An anthology of short stories. A collection of fantasy, horror, and dark tales.

    Choices: A Short Story
    - The Reaper requires an answer to a question: what choice would you make?
    Rebirthed: A Short Story
    - Dreams of Rebirth
    The Lake: A Short Story
    - A ghost story
    Mourning: A Short Story
    - Mourning and regrets
    Wraith: A Short Story
    - Anne is kidnapped by Wraith, and Lena must rescue her. But all three are wrapped in a web of selfishness, hatred, and cruelty- what will it take to redeem them all?

    KW is a great writer. Her stories are easy to read and very relate-able. Wraith was by far my favorite short story and I can't wait for the author to finish it!! 

    You can get this book here:

    The Glass Case: A Short Story by Kristin Hannah

    The Glass Case: A Short Story

    In her short story THE GLASS CASE, Kristin Hannah explores the heart and mind of a mother – April Bannerman is a young mother of three, married to her high school sweetheart & living in the same town she grew up in.  Although she loves her children and husband, April is plagued by the growing doubt that she has not lived up to the expectations of her own mother – who passed away years ago.  When her youngest son goes missing one afternoon, April’s views on her own life – and what is most important – goes through a sudden transformation. 

    This was a great short read. It was very easy to read and very easy to get into story wise. I was very inspired by events that happened in the book and left it with a new outlook on what is really important in life. Recommend this to all that need a little inspiration :)

    You can get this book for FREE!!! here:

    You can find out more about the author here:

    The Mind Entangled - Part One: The Discovery By Courtney Conant

    Cover for 'The Mind Entangled - Part One: The Discovery'

    After living what seemed to be a perfect life with the perfect man, Adrianna makes a life shattering discovery. When his supposedly dead family shows up, disturbing truths come to light. Everything about her life was a lie, especially her husband. Through powers unknown to her, Torstein controlled every move she made, every thought she had. 
    With her life falling to pieces around her, could only focus on one thought. Not WHO her husband was, but WHAT?

    I enjoyed this short story. From a personal aspect, I don't know if I could handle finding out the that man that I thought I was deeply in love with was not the person I thought that I had fell in love with. This is a great short read :) 

    You can get this book for FREE!!! here:

    You can find more about the author here:

    The Dark Gifts: Inheritance by Willow Cross

    Cover for 'The Dark Gifts Inheritance'

    When Sarah and Jason Masada received an old house from an aunt they never knew existed, they were grateful for the blessing. Until they discovered the curse that came with being part of the Masada family--a full moon.

    Intent on tracing their lineage, they descend into a world of lies, fear, ancient myths, and death. Indian hunters have tracked them to the family compound, Jason is wanted for murders he doesn’t remember committing, and their new-found family is on a mission to kill them. It seems their only hope for survival is to combine forces with two unlikely allies and trek across the globe to the place where it all began. Maybe there they can find a way to end it. 

    Oh my goodness!! Where to start?! Willow has done it again! Not only is her writing style completely addictive, her descriptions of scenes were, again, so intense that I had dreams about this book. The Werewolf/Hunter/Druid combo is just something you wouldn't expect. The character development for this book was off the charts incredible! Following Sarah and Jason through this book and seeing characters from book 1, Birthright, was amazing! I recommend this action packed book to all Paranormal lovers :)

    You can purchase this book here:

    You can find out more about the author here:

    The Dark Gifts: Birthright by Willow Cross

    Cover for 'The Dark Gifts Birthright'

    Throughout the ages, druids have passed down a prophecy from one generation to the next. A girl, born of a witch clan, will become vampyre and spark a war that will divide the vampire nation. This young woman will either save humanity from vampire reign, or be the end of it. Although she’s never heard the prophecy, and doesn’t believe in witchcraft, Liz Markum is that woman. 
    Working with her maker, Michael, and the remaining members of the warring Vampire Council, Liz must defeat the darkness inside her, and learn to become more than a killer vampire. She must become a vampire killer.

    This is definitely one of those books that will have you hooked from page one!! I had a really hard time putting Birthright down, which was a really bad thing since I kept reading it right before bed. I even had several dreams about it, that's how good it is!! Birthright is definitely different from other paranormal romance/vampire type books because it actually focuses on the action instead of the love story. Willow's representation of some of the scenes were so descriptive that I had a hard time removing the visualizations from my brain. I kept playing some of the scenes over and over so much that I wished (and seriously hope) that the book becomes a movie just so I could see exactly what she was picturing when she wrote the book! You will get what I mean once you get towards the end of the book ;) The Vampire/Druid/Witch combo in this books is amazing!! I recommend this book for ALL paranormal lovers.

    You can purchase this book here:

    You can find out more about Willow here:


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