Monday, January 2, 2012


Author: Zach Fortier
2 of 5 stars
Curbchek Chronicles the experiences of a police officer, describing different patrol calls he answered, and trying to balance some kind of a "normal" home life.
   The premise behind the book seemed very interesting, and I was really looking forward to reading it.  I was quite disappointed and totally bored with the whole thing.  Each story was only a few paragraphs long, leading from one story to another without any sense of organization.  Even going from chapter to chapter seemed pretty random.  I suppose that another police officer could relate to what he went through on a day to day basis, but I believe that is as far as it would go.  Had the author went into more detail, and grouped the stories together in a way that related to each other, it could have had the potential to be the mind gripping novel that I was hoping to find.


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