Monday, January 2, 2012

Dreams Both Real and Strange By K.W. McCabe

Cover for 'Dreams Both Real and Strange'

An anthology of short stories. A collection of fantasy, horror, and dark tales.

Choices: A Short Story
- The Reaper requires an answer to a question: what choice would you make?
Rebirthed: A Short Story
- Dreams of Rebirth
The Lake: A Short Story
- A ghost story
Mourning: A Short Story
- Mourning and regrets
Wraith: A Short Story
- Anne is kidnapped by Wraith, and Lena must rescue her. But all three are wrapped in a web of selfishness, hatred, and cruelty- what will it take to redeem them all?

KW is a great writer. Her stories are easy to read and very relate-able. Wraith was by far my favorite short story and I can't wait for the author to finish it!! 

You can get this book here:


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