Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blue Lights In A Jar by Brick Marlin

I had the pleasure of seeing Brick Marlin on some panels at Fandom Fest and this lead me to want to read his work. I am very lucky to be apart of another convention in Louisville, KY called Imaginarium that Brick will also be attending and I wanted to take the time to spotlight an author we are so lucky to have at Imaginarium. The first book I read by Marlin was Blue Lights in a Jar.

Synopsis: A villain called the Shepherd has lost one of his flock, a soul who he has collected and has stuffed in a jar, placing it in his room in Purgatory. A kind-hearted, plump fellow named Vergil is the flock’s only hope not only to escape the Shepherd, but to find the way to Heaven. Follow along as the world shifts into odd scenery of the afterlife where one encounters the dead – but not long forgotten.

Brick Marlin resides in Southern Indiana with his lovely wife, a dog, and a schizophrenic cat while monstrosities from his fiction have taken up residence inside his home throughout the the years, such as a six-foot alarm clock in the shape of a clown, or even servo bed bugs that love masking themselves as Tribbles and tickling him awake in the mornings. 

Brick is the author of nine books and over twenty-five short stories including a few published in anthologies. Please visit him at 

My Thoughts:
I had a feeling I would love this author and I did. Marlin is a intricate writer. He weaves a tale that is an amazing ride. This book was a fascinating take on what the afterlife is like. I was drawn in by the characters who are as detailed and rich as the plot itself. Vergil was so relatable. I found myself truly caring about what would be come of Vergil. The Shepherd was a good and creepy character. I liked that it was a story of good and evil but nothing is quite what you think or expect it to be. It is truly a case of, I think, there is so much more going on then anyone can imagine. Action Packed, Imaginative, Suspenseful and all around great read. Highly Recommend.  

My Rating:
4 out of 5

Where to Buy:

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