Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is Samantha and I have received a few books. I have read a few also and working on writing the reviews. With three kids to take care of my time slides away from me and I apologize.
I do want to share that Jennifer Echols the author of Love Story has sent me a copy of her book personalized and autographed as well as quite a few others. The author of Friendship Bread sent me a copy as well, MoonSpell from Samantha Young, and quite a few others. So, you might be swamped with reviews all at once lol. But, just wanted to update that I am working on them and hopefully soon I will have something for you. The battery cable on my laptop went out so I have to pay 60.00 for a new one which sucks but you will have some reviews by me soon:)



I know this isn't the main topic of your blog but s not thrilled to hear you had to replace your cable mine keeps giving me messages :0(

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The Miller's

Hey Samantha,

Glad to hear you are doing okay! Wow, you sound super busy with reading. I can only handle reading one book at a time. :) I tend to read one book every 3-6 days. I've been without a book for the last week, so I am reading a book from Harlequin and plan on doing a review on it.

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