Monday, January 2, 2012

The Glass Case: A Short Story by Kristin Hannah

The Glass Case: A Short Story

In her short story THE GLASS CASE, Kristin Hannah explores the heart and mind of a mother – April Bannerman is a young mother of three, married to her high school sweetheart & living in the same town she grew up in.  Although she loves her children and husband, April is plagued by the growing doubt that she has not lived up to the expectations of her own mother – who passed away years ago.  When her youngest son goes missing one afternoon, April’s views on her own life – and what is most important – goes through a sudden transformation. 

This was a great short read. It was very easy to read and very easy to get into story wise. I was very inspired by events that happened in the book and left it with a new outlook on what is really important in life. Recommend this to all that need a little inspiration :)

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The glass Case is a short story raising the question about how in a blink of an eye, even in a small town, how things can go astray.
This is a short story that is very good and has an extra bonus.... a free preview of another one of Kristin Hannah's book.

@Italia : I think she has had an experience with "the small town heap of problems in a short time". Good read.

I just read this story. Oddly enough, I started it w/o reading the synopsis so didn't realize what it was going to be about. My mother passed away a few months ago and this really hit home for me. One of the last things she told me was not to worry, she's going to live to play with her grand children... This was inspiring and really touched my heart.

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