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Jason S. Walters Virtual Tour May 1 to May 31, 2013

Jason S. Walters
Virtual Tour May 1 to May 31, 2013

Author Bio:
Jason S. Walters is an author, essayist, and
publisher best known for running Indie Press
Revolution (IPR), a distributor of micro-published
role playing games. He is also one of a
small group of investors that purchased Hero
Games in 2001, and serves as its general manager.
After owning a San Francisco bike messenger
service for 15 years, he and his wife Tina moved
to Midian Ranch: a homestead near the town of
Gerlach, Nevada. It is also the local on of IPR’s
warehousing complex. They have a daughter with
Down syndrome named Cassidy and animals too
numerous to mention.

Author information:

Book Synopsis:
A thousand years ago humanity’s dissidents fled, leaving behind a peaceful, unified world content
to exist in a state of perpetual hedonism. Then a daring escape plunged civilization into chaos,
forcing its rulers to expand outward to maintain order. Now all that stands between a newly imperial Earth and the rest of the solar system is a loose coalition of Maasai
tribesmen, cloned feminists, shape-shifting
humannequins, and vengeful Berbers led by the
least likely hero in human history: a young woman
with Down syndrome and a bad attitude.

An Unforgiving Land Reloaded
Book Synopsis:
In the desert life is hard. It can also be surreal. In the absence
of congestion and convention, imagination takes you by the
hand: or the balls. In this macabre collection of riveting tales, ENnie Award-nominated author Jason S. Walters grabs the reins of storytelling as if it were a wild stallion, leading the
reader ever deeper into the physical and spiritual
wasteland of the Black Rock Desert.

My thoughts:


This author is a real master storyteller. I was excited to read this one just from the synopsis. It was excellet Sci Fi and great dystopian.  This was a great journey for any reader. I really enjoyed the set up, the structure and well everything about this book. Highly recommened for any Sci Fi or Dystopian lover. I look forward to the next volume. 

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My Rating:
4 out of 5

Tour Schedule and Activities
Tour Page URL:
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May 2 Makayla’s Book Reviews Interview
May 3 The Dan O’Brien Project Promo/Excerpt
May 5 Crossroads Reviews Review
May 6 Beauty in Ruins Guest Post
May 8 Reading Away the Days Contest/Giveaway
May 9 Ian’s Realm Guest Post
May 10 Angela Meadon Interview
May 12 A Book Vacation Guest Post
May 14 Azure Dwarf Review
May 15 Book in the Bag Interview
May 16 Word to Dreams Promo/Spotlight and Giveaway
May 17 The FlipSide fo Julianne Guest Post and Excerpt
May 18 Mom Cat’s Book Blog Guest Post
May 20 Lost Inside the Covers Review
May 21 I Read a Book Once Contest/Giveaaway
May 22 Rachel Tsoumbakos Review
May 23 Darlenes Book Nook Guest Post
May 26 Bee’s Knees Reviews Review
May 28 Once Upon a Time Guest Post
May 31 Library Girl Reads and Reviews Character Post

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