Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dave Ramsey Money Answer Book

I recently received a free copy of the Dave Ramsey Money Answer Book for me to review. 

I enjoyed reading this book alot.  It is set up as a series of question/answers.  This makes really easy reading especially if you are running in circles with small kids.  I appreciated the straightforward way the book addresses each question and money issue.
I have to admit that I really didn’t know much about Dave Ramsey’s philosophy toward money. I occasionally listen on the radio and have heard a few things in church bulletins, but this was really my first in depth look at his money tips.
I love his concept of how to use money -  “save some, give some, spend some”. He feels very strongly that all credit cards are bad. For me personally, we owed the credit card companies so many years that I love the fact that those credit card companies are now paying us when we get points. 
This book reiterates the importance of teaching kids at a really young age about how to handle money. 
Great book – easy reading! Well worth the time!
You can order The Money Answer Book from Amazon.


My husband and I love Dave! We were actually talking the other day about how we wish we knew all the stuff we have learned from Dave back when we were young and just starting out. Needless to say our debt problems would be greatly minimized!

Glad I found you on the Weekend Blog Hop!

Steadfast Family

Thanks for the review! His books seem to be around and talked about quite a bit. You're right--it seems like a question and answer format would be easier to read with kids! Thanks again for stopping by the S&R weekend hop! See you next week!
Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

Hello Samantha! :)

This is your pen pal, Grace! I came across a link to this on your LiveJournal and thought I'd subscribe to this one as well. :) We are fans of Dave Ramsey too and I actually took a Financial Planning class based on his principles back in high school. :) It was very informative.

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