Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Right Choice Review

The Right Choice
By Carly Phillips

About the book:

Advice columnist Carly Wexler is planning the perfect wedding with the perfect fiancĂ©. So what if he doesn’t make her heart beat faster? He’s the right choice. Until sexy photo journalist, Mike Novak, her fiance’s adopted brother arrives and Carly experiences all the passion she’s convinced herself she doesn’t need. Mike is torn by loyalty and a yearning unlike any he’s ever known. After spending time with Carly, he is sure the engaged couple are marrying for the wrong reasons. With one week to go before the wedding, can Mike convince Carly he’s the only choice for her?

Pub. Date: June 2011
Publisher: InkWell Publishing

My Review:

When I first started reading The Right Choice by Carly Phillips, I didn’t agree with Carly’s attraction to Mike nor could I understand it.  The Right Choice begins in the tuxedo shop where she is to meet up with her fiance, Peter.  She’s about to get married, shouldn’t she be happy with her fiance?  Why does she feel the way she does about her fiance’s brother?  As I kept reading, I started to understand why she felt the way she did with Mike.  She felt something for Mike, but when she was with her fiance, she didn’t seem to feel anything.  We come to find out that Peter is only engaged to Carly for selfish reasons -- he wants to make partner at her father’s law firm where he works.  He admits to Mike that he does not love Carly!

Carly wants marriage, kids, the house, and the white picket fence.  She wants family.  She wants to be settled down and feel safe.  She thinks Peter can provide that for her.  She is in need of feeling safe and secure in a marriage with Peter. 

Mike is only in town for his brother Peter’s wedding.  Mike works as a photojournalist, so he is always on the road for work.  While he loves his work, can love settle him down in one place? 

Since Peter spends so much time at the office rather than help Carly plan their wedding, he asks his brother Mike to help Carly with whatever she needs.  As Carly and Mike spend more time together, their feelings slowly seep to the surface for each other.  Carly realizes that she shouldn’t have to compromise about things regarding her own wedding.  Her decisions and opinions don’t seem to matter when she shared them with Peter. 

Carly finally comes to her senses and breaks off her engagement with Peter.   She decides to escape to her parent’s vacation home to get away for a while and catch up on her writing.  Mike ends up on her doorstep, he says he’s there for work and to see how she is doing.  While alone, they have a chance to explore each other’s feelings for one another.  Carly falls hard for Mike, knowing he must leave at a moments notice for work. 

While they are apart, they realize their past shouldn’t hold them back.  What they thought was true, was not the truth at all.  They both go on a self discovery to see they need and love each other. 

I found The Right Choice to be a great book to read.  This is the perfect book to read if you need a little inspiration of self discovery or read a sweet love story. 

The Right Choice can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords

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