Thursday, August 11, 2011

Solitary Man Review

Solitary Man
By Carly Phillips

About the book:

When tough Boston cop Kevin Manning promised to care for his fatally wounded partner’s family, a one night stand with the man's grieving sister wasn't part of the plan. No matter how intense the night had been, a woman like Nikki Welles deserves much more than a broken man like Kevin can give, and he leaves the next day. When he returns months later, everything has changed. Nikki can't forgive Kevin for abandoning her nor can she regret the baby she's now carrying. And she can’t stop wanting Kevin. But can this solitary man come to believe he’s worthy of love?

Pub. Date: June 2011
Publisher: InkWell Publishing

My Review:

Solitary Man by Carly Phillips was a quick read for me as I was able to tackle it in only a few days.  I always enjoy romance novels because the couple in the book must overcome obstacles to make it work.  Every romance book is different and I love reading what each character is thinking in certain situations.

When one cop is killed in the line of duty, it changes the lives of 3 important people in his life.  His partner, Kevin Manning takes the blame for Tony’s death.  He wasn’t there to back up his partner while responding to a call.

Kevin and Nikki had one glorious night together.  While Nikki didn’t expect one night with Kevin, she was left abandoned and alone by Kevin the next day.  Two months after their one night stand, Kevin returns home and runs into Nikki.  Nikki doesn’t want really want anything from Kevin while he feels he should still look after her.  Just a few days after his return to town, Nikki finds out that she’s pregnant with Kevin’s baby.

Kevin wants to protect and care of Nikki so he invites her to move in with him.  They soon rediscover their feelings for each other and try to make it work as friends and soon to be parents.  As they become closer, Kevin only wants more of a relationship with her while keeping a distance.  Nikki wants the fairytale, marriage, and family.  She wants a man who loves her and not feel she is an obligation. 

Kevin and Nikki decide to get married for the sake of the baby and getting adequate medical care.  They soon discover that marriage is harder than it looks.  Nikki tries to support Kevin emotionally but he keeps her at a distance.  Kevin doesn’t want to expose Nikki to his drunk father and it turn pushes her away.  Kevin’s memories growing up keeps him from moving forward and putting his family first.  This only causes problems with their marriage. 

They both love each other.  They eventually learn to make the same goals and work together to achieve them.  Love and marriage is about commitment to each other and supporting one another. 

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