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Anne frank And me Book Review

Anne Frank And Me by Cheri Bennet and Jeff Gottesfeld

 I have read this book a couple years ago and it still plays in my mind a lot. ever since the very first time I read The Diary Of Anne Frank, I wanted to know more about the  Holocaust. I don't think I have anyone in my family that was in the Holocaust,  but I have admiration and respect for those that survived it.
So, on to the book.
Nicole Burns was your average high school student. So, one day her teacher assigned the class to read The Diary Of Anne Frank, and to also go the local museum to look and learn from a new exibit on display of The Diary Of Anne Frank. All of her classmates was handed an index card to pretend they were living then and act the card out as a play. Well, something went wrong and there was a gun shot heard that a guy that was again the Holocaust had shot it off in the building and Nicole gets hit and passes out. When she wakes up, she is in a new town, new parents, new home, etc and she somehow realizes she isnt in the right era she was in before.
She had to learn how to adapt to the new time era she was in and somehow jews weren't allowed to go outside without a patch on their jacket's showing they were Jewish.
 The book kept you wanting to know the next step. Nicole had been taken away from her family by mistake because she didn't wear her Jewish patch. She was later sent on a train where she met Anne Frank and they talked for awhile. Anne Frank had went another direction and they both met up in a consentration camp. The Jew's had to choose to go to the right or the left.
Anne Frank yelled to Nicole " Go to The Right, Always Go To The Right."
That meant the ones to the right lived and the ones to the left died. Sad enough Anne Frank had gone to the left.
A few hours later Nicole wakes up and she is lying on the ground and her teacher is hovering over her. She askes if she was ok and the teacher said she had only been out for 12 minutes, but to Nicole she was in another time era for a year or more.
This book was very suspenceful and I loved every minute of it. I wanted to know more when the book ended, and books like that are amazing and worthwhile. I really felt as I was Nicole in the other time era, the way the author had described everything really made you feel you was there. This is a book I would love my kids to read one day. I hope you go to your local library and check this book out. You won't regret it.
By: Samantha  Stroy


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This is a book that would captivate me. I am wondering if I would be too much for my 12 year old do you think?

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Omg, i have to do this for class, its boring, but its all gewd(;

This book is by far the most instresting. It caught my attention, and i was actually reading. Yall should read the book tho,

you got the summary all wrong because I just finished the book and that is not what happened.

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i read this book and no you got it all wrong the "guy" is Richard Hayden and Nicole did not get shot she got knocked out. also her parents are Mrs.zooms and Nicole's principal.READ THE BOOK AGAIN PLEASE!!! :p sorry,

also to A LITTLE CRUNCHY no your son wont be nerve wracked.i am only 13 so no it wont nerve wrack your son hes a big kid now.if you really believe that he is responsible than he can do it! have faith;)- chantel,age 13

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