Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dark Side of the Mirror by R.L. Austin

Reviewed by Melissa

   There is a huge calling, since books like Twilight, or the House of Night series, for young adult books with a twist. Dark Side of the Mirror fits this category, but with a new type of story line. R.L. Austin introduces us to Emily, a fifteen year old who has to move from Manhattan to San Francisco. As if the move isn't traumatic enough she has to move in with her crazy uncle Mansel and abide by his two rules:
woman only wear dresses & no electronics, i.e. cell phone and laptop. A killer for any teen.

   Shortly after arriving Emily starts to hear voices in the mirrors. Here is where she meets Tyler, a teen boy from a town outside San Francisco and another major character in the book. At first Emily avoids all of the mirrors in the mansion. This is so that she may ignore the voices and avoid being locked up in a loony bin thanks to the worry of her parents and her new therapist. After Emily's inability to make friends, though, she actively seeks out the mirror of Tyler and they make a connection. Due to the twists and turns of the plot, here is where I have to leave a cliffhanger so as to not give away any pertinent information. Guess you'll have to get the book to know more :)

   Dark Side of the Mirror has the magic begged for by young, and even older, audiences with a story line not seen before. Enough magic, drama and even romance to please most anyone, this book is a good night time read. Don't be surprised, though, if you temporarily avoid mirrors after reading this story.

   As always, thanks for reading my review! And remember:
A room without books is like a body without a soul. -Cicero


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interest book. thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the review ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) ~ I read a lot especially on my kindle ~ but don't write much about them ~

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