Monday, October 24, 2011

Book Review by Melissa of The Jinx by D.F. Lamont

   Have you ever just had one of those really bad, terrible kind of days? What if that day turned you into a jinx? Stephen can thank the universe for the the really bad luck that effects him and all surrounding him in this Young Adult SciFi/Fantasy book. With a well thought out plot and good storyline this book will have you hoping the universe doesn't make you The Jinx.

   Stephen is your usual teenage boy but while riding his brothers bike to school one day he becomes the unlucky receipent of a curse. Things start to go wrong all around him effecting not only him but his school mates and family. After a car accident, that could have really hurt his mother and older brother, Stephen decides he would be safer off running away to save those he loves. While on the way to the family's cabin Stephen comes across Chaons, scary misshapen creatures that have been created by Dr. Zixhu. The good doctors people sweep Stephen up and bring him to their lair, where Stephen finally finds out what is going on with him and his strange bad luck. Of course he also finds out that Dr. Zixhu is slightly crazy and also the bad guy. Luckily for him Daedalus, a previous Ut crew member comes to the rescue. He explains to Stephen how he came to have the bad luck, what Dr. Zixhu wants with Stephen (death of course!) and how to solve the situation. If you want to know how to rid yourself of this Jinx, well you'll just have to read the book :))

   A cute, quick read for an adult (I finished it in two hours, but I'm a freak) or an inventive story for your young fantasy reader, this book is sure to fulfill. You'll find yourself hoping you're not in the universes path of bad luck! Give your teen the love of good reading today and give them this book! Thanks for reading! -Melissa

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Interetesting, this one is new to me. Great review!

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sounds like an interesting read! thanks for sharing..

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