Saturday, June 4, 2011

Breathless Review & Giveaway - Closed

No spoiler warning needed! (I love reading a good book, and hate knowing the outcome, so this is not a spoiler!)

Recently I received a free review copy of Breathless from Scott Prussing.

Leesa Nyland is ready to start a new life as a college freshman in Connecticut – the city where her mom claims to have been bit by a one-fanged vampire 18 years ago, and the city from which her brother has just disappeared. Leesa is determined to find out what happened to her brother, even if she has to make a life altering decision to save him.

Although she has seen her Mom’s erratic behavior her whole life and heard the stories about the vampire, Leesa isn’t quite sure she can believe. But after meeting Stephan and Rave and attending a class on Vampire Science, maybe the stories she has heard are actually more truth than fiction.

Family Values: Leesa shows admirable family loyalty, care and support for her family members. It’s refreshing to find a main character with such love, devotion and loyalty for her mother and brother.

Sexual Content: Due to the nature of some of the characters, the sexual content of the book is restricted to holding hands, an occasional kiss and dressing on the edge for special parties.

Language: There is very little use of language.

Even though the subject matter seems dark (vampires, volkaanes, and fangs), Breathless is able to stay a nice light summer read. I enjoyed reading the book. The fact that I was still unsure of the outcome of the book when I was 8 pages from the end tells me this was well written.

Thanks to the author, Scott Prussing for sending free review copies of this book for the purpose of my review and giveaway.

This giveaway is being hosted by Bees Knees Reviews and Real Life Deals.

If you would like to win a copy of Breathless, you have 4 options:
1: Visit the Breathless website and tell me how old Leesa was when she first became fascinated by vampires.
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Giveaway will end June 12, 8 PM EST.


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