Monday, October 17, 2011

A Soul to Steal by Rob Blackwell (A Book Review by Melissa)

 Book reviewed by Melissa

   Looking for a little spookiness to spice up your night, just in time for Halloween? Well I've found it. This is a book that had me afraid to walk my dogs one night. I've read numerous murder mysteries in my 20+ years of reading, but for some reason this one spooked me. It could be the time of year, the fact that it's getting darker early, the wind in the trees or just the book. I was, and still kind of am, spooked!

   A Soul to Steal starts off a little slow, and even slightly confusing. The author not only introduces three characters in rapid succession, but also adds in police files, letters from the murder and newspaper articles. Do not get confused or lose hope. I promise you that right around 20%, according to my Kindle, the book starts to make sense and picks up speed. There is less "article" interaction and more character action. You start to understand the back story to the characters and look forward to what is coming.

   The book is about two main characters, Quinn and Katrina, or Kate for short, and how their lives are twisted into Loudoun County. The murderer is aptly named Lord Halloween, since the book takes place during the month of October. Lord Halloween was a serial killer who's actions shook up the town twelve years ago, a series of events from which the town and it's occupants has never recovered. Flash forward to the present and Lord Halloween has once again returned to wreck havoc once again. 

   Loudoun County no longer celebrates Halloween due to the murders twelve years before, but that doesn't stop the Headless Horseman from galloping into town. Nope, no kidding, just a twist of magic to the story line. I told you, there's enough spice to keep you on your toes! Add in the love story of Quinn and Kate, their sad history and a quirky group of friends and you've got the story to a Soul to Steal. There is, of course, much more to the story line but if I told you it all why would you buy it?

   In closing, if you start the book and feel the need to put it down, trust me when I tell you to push through and it will all become clear. The plot will grab you like a hand from the grave and pull you down into the storyline. If you happen to be home alone and afraid to walk your dogs around midnight, I don't blame you! Enjoy your evening {insert scary cackle}!

A room without books is like a body without a soul. -Cicero


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