Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Sucker Born Every Minute by Lia Kane, Review by Melissa

   They say a sucker is born every minute, or in this case, a VAM infected person is born, creating a VAMP. In A Sucker Born Every Minute by Lia Kane you get the blood sucking storyline that is so popular these days but with an interesting, and incredibly well written, twist. The first book in a series, with the next book to be released in 2012, uses medical theory behind being a blood sucking fiend, a suspenseful storyline, and a little bit of romance.

   Lia Kane introduces us to Whitney and Jerrika, two college students who have been friends for as long as they can remember. They go to a frat party filled with only a philanthropic brotherhood, not your usual frat boys. Well, that's true in more ways then one. Jerrika is drugged and attacked by a boy who has VAM. It is a virus, almost very similar to AIDS, that once infected causes the host to only be able to consume blood. The host becomes anemiac, very thin, and is constantly tired. Flash forward to seven years later. Whitney and Jerrika have graduated college and are now returning to Big Sky, the town where they grew up, to find jobs. They also find an almost ghost town petrified of VAMP's. Jerrika, no stranger to VAM ignorant and scared people, is ready to take her job as the head of Blue Sky Hope House, an orphanage that is home to VAM infected children.

   Through the orphanage Jerrika is introduced to Victor, the towns mayor, and unfortunately Bill Jeffries, a lay minister with an anti-VAM agenda. She is also introduced to other VAMP's, giving her the first little bit of "family" she has longed for, especially after a horrid fight with her only ally, Whitney. Jerrika is a complex, lonely character trying to make her way in a world, infected with a scary virus, while still being the good, down to earth character she was created as.

   With a story line well thought out, fraught with danger and bigotry, A Sucker Born Every Minute scores a 5 star in my book! I can't wait for the next book in the series. I love the way the author continues to say the characters are not vampires, they have none of the classic vampire qualities, they have a virus that causes them to feed off of blood. The storyline of VAM is very intricate and uses plenty of medical terminology to make the virus feel believable. The treatment given to the characters who are infected makes the reader think of the way AIDS patients have been treated. The book is a good read. It can be a fast read, but if you are a person who likes to think a little deeper you'll get more out of the book.

   Thank you for reading!-Melissa
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