Friday, December 16, 2011

More than Magic: Semester Abroad by Elizabeth Kirke (Reviewed by Melissa)

   What would you do if you were stuck out on a floating college for a semester and found out that magic truly does exist? Not only does it exist, but that you too are magic? One night Jen, the main character, isn't feeling well due to sea-sickness and decides to go for some fresh air. There she see's something that will change not only her life, but how she see's things. One of her fellow student's is pushed overboard and no one reacts! Then he reappears and all of his friends act like it never happened. Jen is left with plenty of questions as to why someone, who should never have survived a fall, let alone get up to the highest level of the ship from the water, is acting like it's no big deal. Soon she finds out why and the plot becomes thick with: witches, wizards, elementals, vampires and werewolves, to name a few.

   There is a big cast of characters from many different "races" of magic. The cast consists of:
  1. Dani: the water elemental who goes overboard at the beginning of the story
  2. Charlie: fire elemental
  3. Mariana: mermaid
  4. Tethys (TS for short): werewolf
  5. Thomas: that one's a surprise!
   Jen soon finds out that her new found friends are part of the MES, Magical Enforcement and Security. Not only are they all magic but apparently Jen is a witch, which is the only reason she knew that there was something different with the others. Soon she is wrapped up in more drama then she bargained for when a rogue, evil vampire boards the ship and starts snacking on the inhabitants. Although all the guys are seasoned MES agents they are not prepared for this. What follows is a fight for their lives.
   This is a very well written, well thought out plot. Definitely not a quick read. I can usually finish a book in a day or two, and it took me almost four. The characters are very well written, the descriptions of, not only the magic and characters but also the landscapes and scenery are very descriptive and detailed. Some might think it too wordy but I thought it was enough to bring it up another level than "just any YA book about magic". It makes it more in-depth. 

  I was not paid for this review, I was gifted an Ecopy of the story to read and that is it. This is my written review and my opinion only, it was in no way swayed. Thank you for reading, I hope you have a great holidays!
A room without books is like a body without a soul. -Cicero


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