Thursday, December 1, 2011

New art

(Guest Post)
Thanks to Olga Quinn

I got on our internet providers and started searching for different art websites. I wanted to find somewhere that made cheap and cool art. My husband and I wanted to redesign our living room. We started with painting the walls a new color, getting new furniture, updating our appliances and all. Art was the last piece of the process, but we spent so much money through all the other steps that we thought we might be really limited in terms of what artwork we could afford. Art is typically pretty pricy and understandably so. The materials an artist uses are actually pretty expensive. Whether it is expensive or not to make, we could not make high prices work with everything we had updated already. I found a few websites with cheaper art, but the best was Etsy. I really liked the fact that we got to choose from such a large group of artists, all of which are just regular people. We finally decided on a skyline piece. It was perfect for our living room and our budget.


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