Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It’s Murder, My Son Review

It’s Murder, My Son
By Lauren Carr

About the book:

In, It’s Murder, My Son, homicide Detective Mac Faraday finds himself at rock bottom, as his ex-wife is awarded their home and all liquid assets in the divorce decree; leaving him with nothing except their acquired debt.  He is broke and on the verge of filing bankruptcy, until he’s visited by his unknown birth mother’s lawyer.  Within minutes, his day and life are transformed as he stares at a piece of paper that has named him sole beneficiary of Robin Spencer’s estate, totaling around 270 million dollars including a home in the exclusive community of Deep Creek Lake.  With his good fortune comes clues to a murderer who is still haunting this gated community.  Can Mac help solve the murder that took place just three-months prior, or will his inheritance bring him closer to his own demise?

Pub. Date: June 2010
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Paperback , 288pp
ISBN-13: 9781452819433
ISBN: 1452819432

My Review:

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved mystery books.  When I was in junior high school, I read the Nancy Drew series.  I just loved reading all the while trying to find out what happened.  Mystery books have a way of keeping me glued to the pages, I just can’t wait to get to the end. 

In It’s Murder, My Son, you will find mystery, murder, drama, and high society!  I enjoyed the different characters and different personalities.  There were definitely some wild people, but they made the story interesting.  I found myself laughing at how some of the characters portrayed themselves, especially in public!  I suppose people with money think they can treat people as they see fit.  It’s so very sad to see that some people are even capable of acting they way they do.   Even though Mac Faraday comes into a huge windfall, he never loses sight of his values and character as a person. 

Mac will learn who his friends and allies are.  His first friend is Archie, who helps show him the ropes of his new house, and that of his family connections. 

I could feel a connection right away with Mac because of his character.  He reminds me of my husband in that he wants to do the right thing and figure things out.  My husband would always stay true to himself and to his character because that’s just who he is.  Like Mac, he doesn’t let others judge him with the things we have or don’t have, or even what we wear. 

Money may buy material things, but does it buy family, love, and friends? 

It’s Murder, My Son can be found at Amazon, IndieBound, and Barnes & Noble.

Disclosure: The opinions provided are my own and not influenced by anyone else.  I did not receive any financial compensation for this post.  I received free products to facilitate my review.


i love mystery too. This does sounds like a good read


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