Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Cowboy for Christmas by Kristen James (Reviewed by Melissa)

   Kristen James has done it again with another romance novel to warm your heart. She has created truly down to earth and like-able characters with Missy and Brent. The story is perfect for the holidays! Not too long, not too short, I finished the book in about a day. Like her other book, More Than Memories, you become immersed in the story, the plot and the descriptive scenery. Here's an excerpt to give you an idea:

The picture seemed off...she leaned against the corral rail, but the ground wasn't dusty and                               the sun didn't beat down on her.
Instead, tall cedars surrounded them, with graceful limbs bowing as they leaned out. 
Wispy clouds lay up in the sky like streaks of whipped cream while the sun warmed
her skin. She smelled salt in the air, mixed with forest scents. The oddity was completed
by the seagulls that called out to each other. She looked down from the birds just as
Brent led Jeffrey out of the stable entrance.

   Missy arrives at the Oregon ranch after her estranged brother suddenly passes away. Not sure what she's up against, she definitely doesn't expect Brent. A long, cold drink on a hot day is this cowboy! Most people don't expect cowboys at a seaside ranch, but that's what she finds. She also finds a man who appears to hate her on sight, thinking she's going to take away his ranch. Little does he know that she has no job, no home and no money. After a bad situation forces her out of a job in Las Vegas the ranch and possibility of a roof over her head seem like something heaven sent. Missy plans on working hard to prove her worth, meanwhile avoiding the sexy stare of the gorgeous cowboy she now lives with and hiding her secrets.

   Brent has secrets of his own, but that doesn't keep him from being attracted to the city slicker he's afraid will take his ranch, and possibly his heart. After Brent receives a swift kick to the ribs from a horse, Missy  feels responsible for Brent and visits daily to take care of him. It's then she decides to avoid him at any cost and he decides to seduce her. 

   Will their secrets tear apart the tentative relationship they build? Will the past rear it's ugly head and cause more problems for the people recovering from situations beyond their control? Can Santa deliver the gift of true love this Christmas? I guess you'll have to pick up the book to find out! A good read that will have you cheering for Missy to move on from her past and loving Brent for the way he obviously cares, you won't be disappointed. 

Thank you for reading! Have a truly amazing day. Take the time to read a book and expand your imagination.
A room without books is like a body without a soul. -Cicero


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