Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Vampire Legacy: The New Queen Rises by Dawn Gray (Book review by Melissa)

   My favorite book genre for the last few years has definately been vampire/fantasy stories. I always love coming across a new type of vampire storyline. It keeps it interesting. The Vampire Legacy: The New Queen Rises by Dawn Gray is just the first book in a series. It's very well written and causes this reader to wait with baited breath for the next book in the series, as I'm sure it will do to you. To make this book just a little better, in my mind, it takes place in Connecticut, my home state.

   The Vampire Legacy is the story of Ashley, or Ash for short, who moves to the ocean side town of New London, Connecticut at the age of 15. On inspection of her neighborhood she, quite literally, runs into Julian and his three brothers. Upon touching him she feels an immediate sense of calm and a response inside of herself that her young mind can not understand. Almost instantly Julian and Ash become inseparable. They spend the next few months sneaking around to be together whenever they can. Until the day an old woman comes to her home and tells Ashley's parents she is in danger, due to Julian and his brothers. See at this point it seems only appropriate to tell you that Julian and his brothers are vampires. Also, Ash is apparently the Queen of Vampires. Therefore Ash's adopted parents, not knowing she is also a vampire, take her away and brainwash her memory of the boys.

   Ash and her family return every few summers to the victorian home. Ash occasionally sees Julian and his brothers but does not let on to them that she remembers so she can save them from danger. Flash forward a few years. Ashley now lives on her own, with a friend named Lauren, and has been in a serious relationship with a man named Jack Wolf and trying to get pregnant. Ash runs into Michael, one of the brothers, in the mall and the friendship resumes. Not long after Jack and Ashley get married she becomes pregnant.  Soon after having the a son, Jackson, Ash's husband disappears from his car with a cryptic note "We have him, he has gone home to be with us and it's his own fault" left behind. Ashley accepts that he has another family and resolves to raise Jackson right, until the night Jackson is stolen from their home.

   Ashley now knows that her son being taken is vampire related and returns to New London to ask Julian and his brothers for help. Here is where a love triangle is created, a super villian or two is introduced and other numerous twists and turns will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, turning the pages to find out the fate of Ashley and her son. I guess you'll have to buy the book to know what that is though, right? With a great cast of characters and a well written storyline you won't be sorry. In fact, you'll be asking for book two. 

   Thank you for reading! Enjoy your book :))
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