Friday, November 11, 2011

More Than Memories by Kristen James (reviewed by Melissa)

   Can you imagine waking somewhere, not knowing who you are, let alone who the people around you are? Could you imagine loving one person your whole life, to have the happiest day of your life turn into the worst? Kristen James has created a book that has you, the reader, so wrapped up in the life of Molly and Trent, that you are shocked to look up from your book and realize you're at home and not in Ridge City, Oregon. You'll wonder right up until the end how it will turn out for Molly, will she remember her life before? Will the person who caused her memory loss return and hurt her again?

   We're introduced to Molly, at the beginning of the story, a few years after her loss of memory. Her parents have recently died in a car accident and Molly is looking for answers. Molly strolls into the police station of Ridge City during one of her stops into different towns, in hopes of finding some answers. Instead she is stuck with more questions when her heart goes flip-flop over the handsome police officer Trent Williams. Even more odd is the fact that he knows her and appears hurt that she does not know him.

   Not much longer into the storyline we find out that Molly has lived in Ridge City her whole life, contrary to what her parents originally told her, and has been in a long term relationship with Trent. Molly feels complete when around him and his sister, her one time best friend, Alicia. Alicia is a beautiful and open character who welcomes Molly back with open arms. Trent is willing to take time off from the police station to help Molly find out what happened that day five years ago to make her lose her memory and disappear for years, but he has secrets of his own.

   Will Molly and Trent renew their relationship and love? Or will the past tear them apart again? Will Molly regain her memory before it's too late? I guess you'll have to read More Than Memories to find out! The book has a great mystery plot with some romance mixed it. The book is not too overly sweet with romantic trysts that cause the reader to skip pages. Quite the opposite. You'll fall in love with Trent and how much he cares for those around him. You'll wish that you could find a friend like Alicia and a lifetime full of memories like Molly. Definitely a good read, especially for a beach day!

   Thank you for reading! Have an amazing day! -Melissa

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