Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Gift of Joy - Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

By: Valerie Maarten

Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

Joy Tate's childhood was ripped from her by her abusive father , all she ever wanted was to make friends, one of the few times she was able to go out and play, she was protected from a bully by her neighbor Gabe, but when her father threatens the neighborhood kidto leave her alone they all turn from her. On Christmas Eve, Joy was only six when her father killed her mother, left alone in the world, Joy has made it her way of life. But she always held a special spot for Gabe in her heart, when Gabe comes home for Christmas, his guilt of ignoring Joy taunts him. He realizes that he loves her, but with her horrible past will she ever be able to trust him and allow him to protect her.

This is a magical story, it is so emotional with a strong plot and makes you reconsider what the real Joy's of Christmas really are.


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