Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Venn by Roxanne Hunter (Reviewed by Melissa)

   Ahhh there is something to be said about a book. The feel. The smell. The story. Awhile back I did an interview with author Roxanne Hunter. I became intrigued by her answers and let her know if she was ever interested in a review to let me know. She kindly responded that she would be, but she believes in old fashioned books and would have to send me paperbacks. I must say, I've missed books. Don't get me wrong, I love my Kindle, but there's just something about books. Now onto the review!

   Venn is a very deep and moving book. This is not a light beach read. This story will change you in some ways. I am a light and rainbows type of girl. Peaches and cream. I was a little shaken by the book, but I do not feel that that is a bad thing. We all need our perfect world moved a little. The tale of Venn and Jessie is told very well. Jessie is adopted as a young girl, but her world drastically changes in the worst possible way when her mother leaves the family. Jessie is left alone, lost and in pain, with her father and two brothers who decide to take all their anger for the mother leaving out on her. The reader gets the sense, though, that the father and one brother were just evil to the core before the mother left, this just gave them an excuse. Physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually abused for years, Jessie creates another personality to protect her. Venn is all the things she is not. Where Jessie is a small female, Venn is a large male. Where Jessie is scared, Venn is strong and unafraid. 

   Jessie/Venn find themselves in an insane asylum, due to the fact that Venn murdered Jessie's brother Marcus. With a cast of characters out to hurt Jessie in any way possible Venn, even in the hospital, has his work cut out for him. From orderlies that want to sexually abuse her, to a nurse that dated Jessie's brother and wants revenge, will Venn ever get a break? Always on his feet, and always wary, Venn views everyone as an enemy. And well he should! Jessie's family is well known and well thought of in the community, since her father basically owns the town. After a series of doctors unable to reach Jessie, one finally gets through to her. A kind doctor, not on the fathers payroll, who firmly believes that Jessie has multiple personality disorder, is able to make strides in her care, and uncover secrets that Venn, and Jessie's family, want left alone.

   By now you're wondering what the secret is. Also, but not limited to, will Jessie ever be safe? What happened to the people who have hurt them? Will Venn ever be able to disappear? Well, I guess you'll have to pick the book up to see! A big thank you to Roxanne for sending me the series, oh did I forget to mention that there are two more books? And a BIG cliffhanger at the end of this one? What are you waiting for, go get it. And thank you Roxanne for renewing my love of books!

      I was not paid for this review.The book itself was gifted to me, and that's all there is to it :)) My opinion was in no way swayed, This review is how I truly feel. Thank you for reading, have a great day! Curl up with a good book next chance you get.-Melissa
A room without books is like a body without a soul. -Cicero


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