Monday, December 19, 2011

D by Roxanne Hunter (Reviewed by Melissa)

   Roxanne Hunter has returned with another series! This book contains most of the cast of characters from Venn, Venn Reborn and Venn and Daisy, but sadly at the beginning of the book we find out that Jessie/Venn have died of old age. Odd, but I honestly didn't feel they would die. This book is in no way paranormal or anything of that sort, but the Venn character was larger than life and I just didn't expect him to not be there anymore. I do realize, though, that the Venn character had outgrown the books, there was no more storyline, which was what I was a little afraid of when the author said she was doing another. Venn and Daisy was a little tough to get through, but now I understand why. The author was setting us up for D.

   D is the story of Chelsea and her alternate personality D. Originally the reader believed Chelsea's alternate personality was Daisy, when in truth it was all an act by D. D is a hold no punches trouble-maker. She saves Chelsea but also puts her in situations that could be harmful for Chelsea in more ways than one. Quite frequently, throughout the book, D is told her luck is going to run out and Chelsea will be hurt. D/Chelsea are in the same psych ward that Jessie/Venn were and now have more than their share of turbulent situations to try and survive.

   There are many of the same characters, as Chelsea's family was Jessie's family, but a whole new cast of characters such as Dr. Gardner and D, have been introduced to liven things up. Thankfully Dr. Langdon, one of the only "good" doctors at the psych ward, has returned to treat Chelsea's DID, and now is in a relationship with Chelsea's brother Gabe. More than enough twists and turns to keep you reading, and a deeper plotline that makes the reader want the next book in the series, D is a good opener.

   If you read the previous trilogy and liked the series, but felt Venn and Daisy was a tough read, D will bring you right back on board. The flow of the story is great, the writing is livelier and the characters are new enough to intrigue you but have you wondering how all things are connected by the hidden plot. I was not paid for the review. I was gifted the book and that's it! :)) The opinions stated here are all my own and I was in no way swayed. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read and have a happy holiday season. -Melissa

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