Friday, December 2, 2011

Merlin 444 by Rejean Giguere (Reviewed by Melissa)

   This isn't usually my type of book, but I throughly enjoyed it! I almost think that gives it more clout, than say a book of the genre I love. Before I knew it the book was over. I couldn't help but wonder where the time had gone. The book has all the makings of a manly man book. Fast cars, war planes, action and even a little romance. Okay, so the romance and magic part might be more for the ladies, but that is great because this is one of those versatile books that a man or woman would enjoy.

   Set primarily in 1995, this is the story of Bobby, a teenage boy who returns to his backwoods hometown in Canada to take care of his mother after his father dies during flight training. He now tends to a garage, pumping gas and fixing his '77 Camaro in his spare time. Which he has a lot of since not a lot of people use the gas station during the week. Primarily the cottagers heading north on the weekends were the main course of business, but a few locals appear during the week to also add color to the story. That's fine with Bobby as he's more of a solo sports man: kayaking, biking, running,  that's just how he likes it.

   Bobby starts talking to Mr. B, the owner of the garage, one evening about a few problems with the Camaro, after losing in a race to Digger. Digger is Bobby's arch nemesis, the boyfriend of Suzanne, Bobby's love interest, and the town's other dragracer. Mr. B, a man of many theories, most of them conspiracies, starts to talk to Bobby about adding a small plane engine, a Merlin, to a vehicle to see what'll happen. At first Bobby thinks he's crazy, but the seed has been planted and so he starts to research it.

   After all the discussions are done, the plan is set in motion and they purchase a plane engine to install into the garage's truck. Here is where the story picks up and the magic is set into motion. The very first time Bobby turns the key in the engine of the truck he is transported back in time to the plane the Merlin's engine was from. During a war, in the air, against the Germans!

   Can this really be happening? Does Bobby truly go back in time, if so why? Will he return home? Get the girl and beat his arch nemesis? I guess you'll have to pick the book up to find out! Filled with plenty of rip roaring descriptions this book is a must have for the car lover, the war lover, or the flight lover. Here's an example of that: {{excerpt}}
Bobby watched the speed dial clear one hundred and fifty miles an hour as they
gained speed. Barnes pulled back on the column and reached for an adjustment.
Bobby paid careful attention, it was the boost indicator. The stick was still pulled 
back, the plane headed straight up, climbing hard. He watched the ground disappear.
He saw England on the horizon as they cleared the small island they took off from.
England, can you believe it?
At fifteen thousand feet Barnes eased off the throttle, dropping the speed from 
one-seventy to one-forty and adjusted the boost.

   I hope you enjoyed reading my review. Thank you for taking the time. I was not paid for my review. The opinions expressed here are mine in every shape and form. I was gifted the book but that did not sway my opinion :)) -Melissa
A room without books is like a body without a soul. -Cicero


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