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Author Interview: Kristen James (by Melissa)

Author Interview: Kristen James

   I was lucky enough to be able to borrow some of author Kristen James' time for an interview. An author of different genres, from three romance novels to Native American fiction and back to a co-written spy thriller, Kristen James is obviously a jack of the written trade. She placed 32nd out of over 12,000 entrants in the Writer's Digest Annual Writing Contest, lives on the river and enjoys being outdoors. From wild berry and mushroom picking to camping, hunting, cycling and hiking Kristen James is obviously a busy, and outdoors orientated woman! Below is a list of my questions and her answers.
  • What was your life like before becoming an author?
Well, my non-writer life was pretty short. I was 10 when I decided I wanted to be an author, and I’ve pursued that dream ever since. I wrote my first novel in a notebook by hand and quickly moved up to a typewriter. I had several “practice” novels typed out before getting a computer in the 8th grade, and then I revised my latest novel about five times. It’s now published through Lachesis Publishing in Canada and I have 7 other books out as well.
  • How personal is your writing?
I think most of my characters show some side of me, and almost all of my books are set in Oregon and reflect everything I love about my home state.
  • Which comes first? The character's story or the idea for the novel?
If I’m developing a novel, I can tell you. But once I get going on a project, I’m not sure when or where or how it started. I have characters along with major and minor conflicts, and it builds from there. I think most of my books start with a movie like vision of two characters with some kind of built in conflict and a hint of the storyline.
  • What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?
Write, write, write, read, write, write, read… You simply can’t get enough practice! Read books for enjoyment and then pick them a part for technique. I read best sellers and a ton of books on writing, articles and blogs on writing, and then I play around with words and write almost every day.
  • What is your favorite authors/books?
I love Kristin Hannah’s books, Barbara Freethy, some of Nicholas Sparks and other books that can make me forget about writing and editing so I can get lost in the story.
  • If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Of course I’d love to sit down with one of my favorite authors to discuss writing, the industry and life in general. I’d also enjoy talking to agent Donald Maass about all that. I love his books on writing and think he might have some great advice for me.
  • Tell us your latest news?
I have a new spy thriller out called Kauai Spy Games, co-written with Jeff Ivanov. It’s a fast paced book about what goes on all around us, without our knowledge or fears. The book is set around the Kauai Missile Base and international spies interested in it, and things get complicated when a certain red headed Russian spy enters the picture. You can learn more at and get updates on some really exciting and big news coming up.
I also have a fantasy novella coming out this month called The Fairy and her Giant. Sometimes size does matter! This story has danger, pirates and of course, romance.
As you can see, I love writing in a variety of genres: I have three romances, a Native American fiction novel and general fiction books. I just updated A Cowboy For Christmas with steamier scenes based on reader feedback. Plus I think people already liked the book; it’s about #500 in Kindle!
I love interacting with readers through my blog at, on Facebook at and on twitter at writerkristenj.

How cute is she? Be sure to go check out Kristen James on her Facebook page, follow her blog or Twitter, read a book and get to know her just a little bit better! I know after this interview I am definately looking forward to it! Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll need a review. :)

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Kristen and read my blog. -Melissa
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