Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stumbling Silly Blog Hop 11/28

Welcome to Stumbling Silly Blog Hop!  This Stumble Upon hop is hosted by Beauty Brite and Bee’s Knees Reviews.  The purpose of this hop is to bring traffic, comments, friendship, and finding new blogs through Stumble Upon.

Stumbling Silly Blog Hop

You must have the Stumble Upon toolbar downloaded in order to stumble other websites, pages, and blog posts.

What are the benefits of Stumble Upon?  Using Stumble Upon brings traffic to specific posts from your blog and it is shared throughout the Stumble Upon community for other people to find.  StumbleUpon helps you discover interesting web pages, photos and videos recommended by friends and like-minded people, wherever you are.

Linky Instructions:
Linky is open all week.  Add the direct link to posts you want stumbled and commented on.  Put the title of your post in the "Name" field of the linky.  Visit, Stumble, and Comment other bloggers who have linked up!  While you are visiting, feel free to follow via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, email, and vote on picket fence!


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