Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark (Reviewed by Melissa)

   What do you do if you think your husband is cheating, your mother has dementia and very rarely remembers who you are and the two anchors of the news show you produce just got into a fist fight on live television? Do you run and hide? No, you Stay Tuned to see what your life turns into! Melissa Moore, the main character of the story, has her work cut out for her. She's in a rut before it's mid-life crisis time. Her daughter has left for college, she yearns for another child, and her husband barely knows she's alive, unless of course she discusses his job, which consumes him 24/7. To top everything off the news cast she produces for has it's fair share of drama with the two anchors, Alyssa and Tim, who lie, cheat, and abuse each other in and out of public.

   The drama between Alyssa and Tim finally comes to a head. Sadly, it happens during a live telecast, at which time Alyssa punches Tim in the face. Not all attention is good ratings for the show. After both anchors are fired, with no anchor to replace Alyssa, Drew turns to Melissa to replace the anchor. Thanks to her best friend, Candace, and a fun shopping spree Melissa is soon ready for her place in front of the camera. Well, except for the electricity she feels between herself and her hunky co-anchor, Rick Roberts. Other than for a few stumbles Melissa does well in her new position and the audience loves her and Rick together.

    A well written, quick read book, you'll be done with the book before you know what happened. The reader will love the hustle of the television station, the dilemma's and conflict's that Melissa works through, and the love-able character's that Lauren Clark has created. My favorite was Candace, the Dr. Phil loving, snazzy hairdressing friend. I need one of those! She was so upbeat and positive. The perfect compliment to Melissa's worrying, hold-back personality. The problems that the main character faces is, from my point of view, very believable. I have had some of the same doubts, and problems, that she has. I feel most women will be able to connect with Melissa.

   Did Chris cheat on Melissa? Will Melissa give in to her hunky co-anchor? Will Melissa's mother give her the love and attention she craves or forget her again? Well, to find out I guess you'll just have to Stay Tuned! As part of the whirlwind tour for Novel Publicity, this book is currently only $.99. I give this book a five star rating! A steal for the quality of the book. You must pick it up!! To find out more about the tour, and author Lauren Clark, visit my previous blog.

  I was not paid for this review.The book itself was gifted to me, and that's all there is to it :)) My opinion was in no way swayed, This review is how I truly feel. Thank you for reading, have a great day! Curl up with a good book next chance you get.-Melissa

A room without books is like a body without a soul. -Cicero


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